Cutting back on coffee

Cutting Back on Coffee

So the big news this week is that I’m into week two of cutting back on coffee, and drinking none during the workweek.

It’s a major achievement for me.

After speaking to my friend who has passed day 31 with no coffee, I’ve realised it has become a terrible habit to drink several cups of coffee during the day – it has choked my entire body.  

When I drink coffee my heart rate jumps up as my nervous system switches into fight or flight mode – ready to chase that bear lurking in the office.  The trouble is that by drinking a few coffees a day my nervous system is always ‘on’ and in that fight or flight mode.

So I had to address this issue before my adrenals and thyroid packed up and created a whole host of health problems.  

Are you a coffee lover too?  

I wouldn’t say that I’m addicted to coffee but it had certainly become a habit to make a cup of black unsweetened coffee when I arrived into the office.  

So how did I cut it out?

Well, I’ve had to train my brain and to reassure it that this wasn’t the end of drinking coffee, just merely a way to drink less during the workweek for health reasons.  

I’ve had to change the habit and interrupt the pattern.  

Instead of diving in for a freshly brewed cup of coffee, I’m taking my time to set up another habit to replace that one – which involves having a glass of water followed by a cup of green tea.  

It was tough for the first three days as I had to bat off the temptation mainly because I could SMELL coffee everywhere.  To counter my temptation, I’ve often chewed gum or made a cup of green tea instead.  And it’s working!

Thankfully, the side effects have been minimal, with only half a day of a low-lying headache that passed after a night’s sleep.  I know that some people get it hard and suffer from a few days worth of headaches.  As always, our bodies are very different to each other.  

Do I feel better for it?

100% and I’m not just saying that.  I don’t feel as tired.  Why? Well, I’m not permanently running on the fight of flight mode which means my nervous system isn’t on high alert for the office bear so it can relax and let my body, my engine, run more efficiently. 

Also, my face doesn’t feel puffy, especially under my eyes and I know that my tummy and intestines will be thankful in the long run.  One of the major issues with drinking coffee is that caffeine erodes the stomach lining.

Do you like coffee a bit too much?  

Is it a habit to be sociable in the office kitchen? Perhaps it’s time to take a look at how much you drink too.  I’ve also written about when the best time is to have caffeine – and it isn’t the moment you leap out of bed in the morning!  Click HERE to read.