Nightshade Vegetables and Arthritis

Nightshade vegetables and athritis

As a teenager, Nightshade was a Gladiator on the UK TV show that I simply loved.  She was athletic and awesome. However, fast forward 20 years and the only nightshade I seem to deal with are a group of vegetables that belong to the ‘nightshade’ family (Solanaceae)   

These are;

  • tomatoes

  • peppers (or capsicum)

  • potatoes (not sweet potatoes)

  • aubergine (eggplant)

Some people can be sensitive to these particular vegetables.  

More studies need to be done, but if you’ve been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis then it might be worth swapping these foods out for different ones for a trial month.  Keep a diary and record what you’ve eaten and when you suffer the pain and see if there’s a connection.  It might be that your pain goes away on days when you don’t eat potatoes.   

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