Exfoliating cream

Plastic microbeads in skincare

Have you ever thought about those tiny beads in your face scrubs or face washes?

Well those tiny beads are actually made of plastic – what we call plastic microbeads.  And sadly once we wash our face they are washed down the sink and end up in our waterways and oceans – they end up settling onto plankton where the fish feed from.  

Let this sit with you for a minute, you could be eating sushi enriched with plastic. Not nice huh? 

Why do they use plastic microbeads?

Well plastic is very cheap to use and it gives the scrub a good texture.  However it is incredibly damaging not only to our skin, but to our oceans and marine life.

I’m pleased to say that my own Exfoliating Cream / Face Scrub does not contain any microbeads – no plastic at all! Instead I use mother nature’s ingredients and they come in the form of the jojoba shrub (white bits in my cream) and the Cupuacu tree which is a relative of the chocolate/cocoa tree – and it smells delicious (dark coloured flecks).

My Exfoliating Cream has a rich, luxurious texture which is different to the high street daily face washes which tend to be more of a runny lotion. My Exfoliating Cream is designed to be used once or twice a week and as you massage that into your skin it not only scrubs away the dead layer of skin cells, it also draws out impurities, acting like a face mask too – 2 in 1 product!

And if you’re interested in what are Microbeads, click HERE for a 2 minute video.

Have a super week.