The sugar addict

The Sugar Addict

My alter ego – The Sugar Addict.

I know first hand what that’s like as I have a gold medal for the most consumed sugar on a daily basis, whether that was cereal, biscuits, chocolates, cakes, sweets, snack bars or desserts.  

My wake up call was around 6 years ago meeting my now husband who has type 1 diabetes.  He has to be so careful about what he eats as sugar really can kill him.

It made me take a look at what I was eating and I realised that I was indeed totally addicted to sugar.

And since then I’ve been on my own journey to break my addiction to sugar – to get off the sugar hamster wheel.  

I mean I couldn’t go past the sweet shop without stopping to buy some treats… One sweet was never enough.  

Did you know that sugar is more addictive than drugs?  There are research studies out there showing that we get more pleasure from eating sugar.  Our brain gets all excited from the sugar high but to reach that next sugar high, we need to eat a little more sugar each time.  So by the time I addressed my problem, the volume of sugar I was eating each day was on an epic, disgusting level.  

My poor body.   It was choked up with sugar and putting extra pressure on my body to deal with the constant overload.

Sugar was making me cranky and not helping at all with my tummy issues.

So I had to cut back on my sugar intake, to say goodbye to the sugar addict.

Are you at a stage where you’d like to cut back on your sugar consumption? To cut back on biscuits, chocolate or maybe the daily ice cream?

The first thing I did was get rid of all the sweet stuff in the house.  I’d often find myself hunting for chocolate after dinner.  So all of those stashes needed to go.  

Action point – It might seem extreme but it’s time to have a kitchen clear out and pack all your choccies, biscuits, sweets and cakes into a bag and give them away to people at work, your neighbours or straight into the compost bin.   

You can replace those sugary treats with blueberries for your sweet fix.

And the key for me is, don’t wait until Monday, or next month, start NOW.  Your future self/body will thank you for it.

Good luck!