Why should I use a face serum?

When your skin needs that extra TLC, a serum can pack that extra punch over a moisturiser.

Why? Well because they come turbo charged as they are 100% concentrated.

All these underlying ingredients – the plant actives, vitamins and antioxidants will drip feed into your skin’s layers – giving them a boost.

Are you afraid of putting oil on your skin?

Sometimes, those who – like me – have combination skin are prone to breakouts.  But we can have an aversion to applying oils onto our skin for fear of causing more spots, clogging up our pores and will leave behind a greasy oil slick.

However, in reality these plant based oils are incredibly healing and can balance out the skin’s oil production, zap away the spots and reduce scar tissue.

Our natural organic face serums do not contain mineral oil (mined from crude oil).

They also don’t contain silicones (plastic based polymers) which create a plastic film on the skin. Though this can leave the skin feeling temporarily smoother, it will suffocates the skin in the long run, leaving it looking inflamed, dehydrated and congested.  Over time this can lead to redness, dry and oily patches and pesky spots.

You have a choice of 2 serums

Our Florence Selina Rejuvenating Serum contains 18 key anti-ageing ingredients making it an ideal partner for your moisturiser.

Our Balancing Serum contains 15 key ingredients to heal spots, scar tissue and stretchmarks.

What I use

I have combination skin and use both serums, the Balancing Serum for my cheeks, nose and chin and the Florence Selina Serum (anti-ageing) for my forehead, crows feet, neck, décolleté (the upper torso) and the back of my hands.