Wellbeing Coaching

Lady looking out to sea

 Would you like to:

    •  worry less about your food choices and not feel at all guilty over the occasional sweet treat?
    •  have more energy so that you jump out of bed and skip through each day, waving goodbye to that afternoon slump?
    •  feel less bloated and puffy so that you can wear all those amazing clothes in your wardrobe?


Well let’s get you back on track before Christmas with my 4-week Kickstarter plan (1-2-1 coaching)

I’m here as your wellbeing coach to help you feel your best

I can support you with:

      • what you should eat more of
      • uncovering what might be draining you of all your energy, causing that brain fog, aches, pains or even stomach bloating
      • avoiding the biscuit tin and coffee machine for an afternoon pick me up
      • why you have that surge of energy at 10 pm when you know you should really be heading off to bed


So what are the side effects of having me as your wellbeing coach?

      • your friends and family wondering why you’re skipping around the place looking great
      • glancing twice at yourself in the mirror in admiration
      • smiling more
      • feeling amazing and goddess-like in your clothes
      • the ability to enjoy that glass of wine or slice of cake without feeling guilty

How it works

Coaching is set over 4 weeks.
After you sign up, I will send you a link to two online questionnaires to fill out.
Once you’ve completed the questionnaires, we will book in a time to discuss the results, either by phone or Skype.
During this initial call, we will map out areas of concerns and together we will formulate a plan for change.  Allow 1 hour for this call (evening or weekends).
We will follow up with 3 further weekly calls.  Allow 30mins for each of these..  If you feel after 4 weeks that you would like ongoing monthly check-ins, we can discuss.

Your Investment

Introductory price of £147 – paid in full and upfront (all new clients receive a £30 skincare voucher).

Wondering if wellbeing coaching is right for you?

Let’s schedule a time for a free call to discuss whether this is right for you. kelly@kellyedwards.co.uk