Kelly Edwards wellness coach

Hi!  I’m Kelly and up until 6 years ago I was completely and utterly addicted to sugar.

I’ve come a long way from the days when breakfast was three bowls of cereal or a few Danish pastries followed by a  day grazing and snacking on chocolate, biscuits, cereal bars and office cake.  All topped off with a few glasses of wine later in the evening, of course.

The thing was, I was convinced that I needed to keep my metabolism stoked to keep the ‘hangry’ monster away.   

From a young age, people would often ask where I put all the crap that I ate and stayed so thin?  The fact was that it was seriously polluting my insides and choking up my body.  If I’d have had a body scan, I’m sure that the doctors would have seen all the fat coating my organs,  putting excess pressure on my body.  

I felt sick, bloated, snappy and constantly low on energy.  Not to mention the frequent headaches.

My wake up call

Fortunately, my lightbulb moment came when I met my husband.  You see, he’s a Type 1 Diabetic, which means he has to carefully navigate the day, working out what he’ll eat. how much exercise he needs to do versus what level of insulin he needs to inject.

When I saw the careful planning that went into his day versus my own  (which centred mostly on what cake I was going to eat), I soon realised my own habits weren’t sustainable.  Essentially, I was eating too much sugar, but moreover, I was eating myself towards a likely diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes, which is largely caused by lifestyle.

Meeting my Husband was a huge wake up call. 6 years later and although I do occasionally enjoy a slice of cake, I’m no longer addicted and I certainly don’t need to finish the entire cake before starting on a packet of chocolate.  

During this time I was (and still am) running a natural skincare business.  It’s ironic that while I was so dedicated to looking after the skin,  I was in fact neglecting my own body.    

So since my lightbulb moment, I’ve gone back to the books to learn about overcoming food addictions, particularly those to sugar and how to fuel my body as best as I can for life.

Now, I want my passion and experience to inspire you to overcome your own food and health challenges.   At the end of the day I know for a fact that when we fuel and treat our bodies well, we can achieve so much more whether that’s in relationships, work or anything else you can think of!


Kelly Edwards has a BSc in Biology and Sports Science and a Diploma in Aromatherapy from London’s St Mary’s University.  She also has a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy from the Health Science Academy and is Certified Wellness Coach with Cadence Health.

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